Modernist Sofa 3-Seater | Bestillingsvare

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Modernist Sofa 3-Seater | Bestillingsvare
Modernist Sofa 3-Seater | Bestillingsvare

Modernist Sofa | 3 Seater | Off White/Grey Wool | Bestillingsvare

Practical, elegant and modern danish sofa design from Kristina Dam Studio. The Modernist Sofa is a minimalistic 3 seater with a timeless design. 

Lead time
Est. 8 weeks
Off White/Grey Wool and Stainless Steel
220 L x 64/77 D x 37/70 H cm

Uncomplicated, timeless and modern danish sofa design. The Modernist Sofa adds a simple, relaxed and accessible aura to your home. The solid stainless steel frame of the Modernist sofa is first of all classy and elegant and a key design feature that also provides a solid construction. The upholstery is made using durable, high-density foam covered with Off White/Grey soft wool. The upholstery follow the curves of the stainless steel frame in the most elegant way forming both the backrest and armrest of the dofa in one single movement. The Modernist Sofa is available in different colours and as a 2 seater, if you don't have room for this big 3 seater. 

Kristina Dam Studio design minimalistic, sculptural and timeless pieces intended for everyday living and enjoyment. The major lines in our designs graphic lines and the use of genuine, enduring materials. To this we add an uncompromising attention to detail and the highest level of quality craftsmanship – enabling us to create true design classics for the contemporary home.


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Modernist Sofa 3-Seater | Bestillingsvare
Modernist Sofa 3-Seater | Bestillingsvare

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