Dome Vase – XS

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Dome Vase | Xtra Small | Red Terracotta

The vase is made from terracotta with beautiful red engobe. It is glaced inside making it waterproof and able to carry living flowers, lavish bouquets or branches. The Dome Vase series is available in four sizes with four unique shapes. This X-tra Small version has a very large opening ideal for holding and displaying a big handful of flowers. 

Terracotta with Red Engobe
16 Ø x 14 H cm

Bring a touch of natural style into any living space with this red terracotta vase from Kristina Dam Studio. This decorative vase is made out of durable terra cotta the final finish is made with a stylish red engobe. The waterproof design allows you to put in freshly-cut flowers or greens, or you can use it to display some artificial flowers for a more permanent style. With all four earthware terra cotta vases in your home, you’ll always have the perfect vase for any occasion. All of the flower vases are waterproof and able to contain water.

The Dome Flower Vase collection from Kristina Dam Studios is already a classic and a bestseller. The Kristina Dam design studio has undertaken an incredible journey to become the powerhouse design studio it is today. The brand began with a humble range of prints, and the brand has grown to include a number of iconic collections whilst branching into furniture, sculptures and art, lighting, and accessories.


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