Rock Pile Sculpture

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Rock Pile Sculpture | Earth Tones

The Rock Pile Sculpture is inspired by the mindfulness and appreciation of nature. The beautiful stones of marble, stone and metal can be piled as you like creating a personalized sculpture within your home habitat.

Stone, Metal, Marble - Earth Tones

Grant yourself a moment and let your mind wander while piling rocks and feeling their soft surface. The Rock Pile Sculpture are inspired by the mindfulness and appreciation of nature that the pandemic reinforced. During her walks on the beach, Kristina Dam has gathered stones and shells for years and brought them home as a reminder of the ambiance. This exclusive reminiscent of stones in earth-toned marble and casted steel are handmade and leaves a beautiful statement of tranquility. They can be mix & matched, piled up, or lay separately - a minimalistic decoration that reminds us of the of a walk by the sea. The Rock Pile Sculptures are a new way of combining nature and interior design.

The work produced by Danish design studio Kristina Dam is never anything short of stunning. Every design object from the collection ethos and philosophy could be described as Nordic Minimalism, with a focus on simple graphic lines, attention to detail and carefully selected materials.


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